Ensuring data quality, accessibility, and reliability.

Data Governance: Establish a Strategic Framework for Managing Your Data Assets

Solid data governance is essential for any business that wants to use data wisely. We focus on helping you get your data in order, making sure it's secure, compliant, and usable for your needs.

Our approach is all about understanding your unique business requirements and setting up a data governance structure that works for you. Whether you're starting from scratch or improving existing systems, we're here to guide you through every step.

With Estedic, you'll get straightforward, practical advice and solutions to make your data trustworthy. We ensure your data governance aligns with your goals, helping you make better decisions and achieve greater success.

Discover how our data governance consultancy can bring clarity and efficiency to your data management. 

Data Governance Areas

Each data governance area mentioned below is designed to address specific aspects of data governance, providing a holistic approach to enhancing your data capabilities.

A strategic data governance framework is essential for aligning data management practices with business objectives, ensuring that data is used effectively and responsibly. It provides a clear roadmap for data handling, compliance, and utilization.

Organizations often struggle with integrating data governance into their broader strategic objectives, leading to disjointed practices and ineffective data management.

Estedic's expertise in implementing robust data governance frameworks ensures that organizations can develop a comprehensive strategy that aligns with their goals. Leveraging our knowledge of data management technologies and regulatory requirements, Estedic can tailor a framework that seamlessly integrates into your organization's business model.

High data quality and adherence to standards are crucial for reliable decision-making and operational efficiency. It impacts everything from analytics to compliance.

Many organizations face challenges in maintaining consistent data quality and implementing universally accepted data standards.

With Estedic's experience in setting and enforcing data quality and architecture standards, organizations can achieve consistent and high-quality data management. Our approach includes identifying data quality issues, developing standards, and establishing procedures to ensure ongoing data integrity.

In an era of stringent data regulations, ensuring compliance and securing data are paramount to protect against legal risks and data breaches.

Navigating complex and evolving data privacy laws and implementing robust security measures is challenging for many organizations.

Estedic's deep understanding of data privacy laws and security protocols means we can help organizations implement comprehensive compliance and security strategies. Our expertise in GDPR and other regulations ensures that your data governance practices are both compliant and secure.

Successful data governance requires organizational change and active stakeholder engagement to ensure acceptance and effective implementation across the company.

Resistance to change and siloed departments often hinder the implementation of effective data governance.

Estedic's approach to change management involves stakeholder engagement and education, fostering a culture of data governance within the organization. We help break down silos, ensuring that data governance is embedded across all departments.

Continuous oversight ensures that data governance policies are effectively implemented and adjusted as needed, maintaining the integrity of the data governance strategy.

Many organizations lack the resources or expertise to continuously monitor and manage their data governance activities.

Estedic offers hands-on oversight and expertise in data governance, providing regular audits, issue management, and stewardship. Furthermore, we can help you select and implement advanced data observability solutions. This ensures that data governance practices are not only established but also actively maintained and improved.

Educating staff and building data capabilities are key to ensuring that everyone in the organization understands and can effectively engage with data governance practices.

A common challenge is the lack of data literacy and governance awareness among staff members.

Estedic provides comprehensive training and capacity-building programs. These programs are designed to enhance staff competencies in data governance, management, and related technologies, thus building a knowledgeable and data-aware workforce.


Our agile four-step methodology is designed to guide you through every stage of your data-driven journey, ensuring seamless integration and impactful outcomes.


Data Maturity Assessment

Use Case Validation

Proof of Concept

Project Management

We provide Data Governance solutions that are tailored for your business. Our experts, with their deep industry knowledge and data and AI skills, collaborate closely with your team. This ensures that the strategies we develop directly address your unique challenges and ensure adoption.

Moreover, at Estedic, we don't just advise – we also help implement. Whether it's integrating cutting-edge data governance tools like Databricks Unity Catalog or harmonizing them with leading industry solutions such as data.world, Microsoft Purview or Collibra, we're here to assist. Our approach ensures the delivery of high-quality, effective data governance solutions that seamlessly fit into  and harness the strenghts of your existing solutions.

  Return on Data and AI

Fundamentals for Achieving Data and AI Succes:

Framing the Right Business Goals for Technology Adoption: 

Estedic ensures that your technology adoption aligns with clear business goals, focusing on aspects such as production growth, revenue increase, and reduction of business costs.

Implementing Unified Analytics for Enhanced Collaboration:

Our unified analytics approach empowers different professionals, including IT personnel, data scientists, and ML engineers, to interact seamlessly, enabling automated collaboration across the organization.

Taking Incremental Steps to achieve a Data-Centric Mindset:

Our iterative approach to adopting data science, ML, and AI technologies ensures that your organization progresses steadily towards becoming data-centric.

Modernizing Infrastructure for Seamless Data Access:

We help organizations break down data silos and seamlessly integrate their infrastructure. Helping you to migrate to the cloud is a key solution we offer to ensure better accessibility and integration of data.

Fostering Data Literacy for Cultural Transformation:

We recognize that data literacy is crucial for a successful data-driven culture. Estedic offers data literacy training to empower your workforce, fostering a culture that embraces data science and AI.

Ensuring Privacy, Security, and Ethical AI for Trusted Solutions:

At Estedic, we prioritize the confidentiality of your data, ensuring robust security and adherence to pertinent legislation and ethical AI principles.

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