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Proven Success: Industry Specific Client Use Cases


'Implementing fit for future data'

The largest Energy utility company in the Netherlands hired the expertise of Estedic to help them with their data transformation program and implement data mesh. By democratizing data ownership data producers delivered and data consumers utilized interoperable data products. Motivating data domain owners to adopt this contemporary architecture paradigm helped to foster innovation and made the data ecosystem of an organization with approximately 7,000 employees and an annual revenue of 2,5 billion Euros truly fit for future.

Data and AI highlights:

  • Snowflake, Amazon Web Services
  • Matillion, Collibra
  • Data mesh, Data Democratization


'Harmonizing Data for a Global Manufacturer'

A prominent international manufacturer of ingredients for nutrition, health, and beauty products sought Estedic's expertise to navigate the complexities of data harmonization during a reorganization ahead of a merger. With 30,000 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of 12 billion Euros, the challenge was to align business processes and data definitions before migrating to new IT systems. Estedic's approach ensured a seamless transition and optimized efficiency across the organization.

Data and AI highlights:

  • On premises, Multiple Region Global Datacenters
  • Microsoft Dynamics, MQ Series, Proprietary applications
  • Business Readiness, User-Adoption


'Aligning Data and Analytics Governance'

A leading Belgian IT services provider relied on Estedic to standardize data and analytics offerings dedicated to European governmental institutions. With strict privacy and ethical regulations to comply with, this complex undertaking required in depth expertise. Estedic's solution ensured governance frameworks aligned with pertinent European rules and regulations, making data processing reliable and compliant.

Data and AI highlights:

  • Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Data Governance, Data Security
  • Ethical AI


'Driving Data-Driven Logistics'

Estedic partnered with a global IT provider specializing in digital transformation of logistical processes. Their goal was to implement a data-driven logistics roadmap, enhancing real-time data ingestion into a data warehouse. Leveraging technologies such as Debezium, Kafka, and Superset, the entire data pipeline was built on an AWS Cloud technology stack. This achievement bolstered their status as a leading IT provider in global supply chain management, part of a group with over 300,000 employees worldwide and an annual revenue of 62 billion Euros.

Data and AI highlights:

  • Hybrid, Amazon Web Services, Open Source
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics


'Advancing Data Science Team Maturity'

Estedic conducted a comprehensive assessment of a renowned Dutch life insurance company's data science team. The assessment covered both organizational and technical aspects of the team, culminating in actionable recommendations to elevate their data science capabilities. As a result, the team transformed from being scattered to foundational and effective, enabling them to leverage data science efforts in their operations.

Data and AI highlights:

  • Cloud, Microsoft Azure
  • Data Science
  • Databricks
  • Data Quality

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